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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Afternoon!

Sorry I haven't updated everyone lately. Things have been really crazy around here. Mom hasn't been feeling well the last couple of weeks. She started having stomach pains. We found out that 2 of her medicines she was taking they were causing her stomach to be inflamed. He took her off of the 2 medicines and gave her a shot for one of them because she can't be without it. If she is then she's in lots and lots of pain. That's now under control now. Then last Sunday she got a infection in one of her teeth. She called the doctor and got an antibiotic for it. She's going to need it pulled, but with her on blood thinner, it takes a little doing to get something like this done. We found out that her dental insurance doesn't cover having a tooth pulled. But I know that things will work out when the time comes. She's still having lots of problems with her legs. They are feeling like they won't hold her up at times and they hurt. We see her doctor on Tuesday so we'll be asking he if there's another pain killer she can use.

I"m doing pretty good. It's hard for me at times seeing Mom in so much pain. But I'm trying to put it in God's hand.

My little Angel is holding her own right now. She seems to be doing good right now. But I do know that there will be a time when things won't be so good. I really try not to think about it till that times comes along.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for being my friends!