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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good Evening!


Today was a very quiet and peaceful day. I just relaxed some this morning which was nice. Then Mom and I went to our special Angel Shop. I picked up a couple of angels that I had put on hold. I figure it's my Birthday present to me. After we left the Angel Shop Mom and I went out for lunch. By that time Mom was getting tired and starting to hurt again.

Angel has had a good day so far. She hasn't had any spells today which is good. I put a picture up so that everyone would be able to see who I'm talking about on here. She's my baby. I've had her since she was 6 weeks old. Angel is such a loving dog.

Can't believe that Monday I will be 52 years old!

Well that's all for tonight.

Take care, thanks for stopping by.


Tabby said...

Happy early Birthday! Glad your baby is not having any spells today.

Nikki said...

Happy to hear that you all had a good day yesterday. Happy early birthday, I hope that it is extra special,

Paola said...

Happy birthday :-)
Huggers Paola

Kimbearly said...

Hey Marilyn
I am so sorry I missed your birthday! Hapy belated hon! My dads Birthday is Dec 6th and my moms the 11th. Hope your day was a good one!
Your pyuppy is so darn cute!!! I love that little face! Melts you like buttah!
HUgs Kim