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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hi Everyone,

It's been a very long wait to get to the closing today. It took them till 3pm which was suppose to be the closing time to give us the amount that we needed for closing. We've got all the papers signed. Now we just have to wait for the lender to transfer the money over to the title company tomorrow before we can get the keys to the house. Then it will be ours! I've started lining up people to help us drive the moving van and help us move. It's wonderful to have church members that really want to help us get moved. We're moving from Tarpon Springs to New Port Richey so this will be a whole new city for us. I hope to have us all moved out of the mobile home by May 30th. So the next 2 weeks I'll be working on getting everything packed up here. We'll be so glad to have this move done and be in our new home.

We'd like to thank everyone for all their prayers during this long and stressful process.

Love you all so much!

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Tabby said...

Great news Marilyn! I am happy for you both :)