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Sunday, May 24, 2009

There's only 5 days left till the move!

Hi Everyone,

Well, we only have 5 more days before we have to move out of the mobile home. We have several wonderful church members that have volunteered to help us move into our new home on Saturday May 30th. Mom and I wouldn't be able to do this without all our wonderful friends. Things are very busy here right now. There are boxes everywhere I turn. Anyone need a few McDonald boxes!?!?!?! Ha Ha!!!!!! Everywhere I turn there are more boxes I think they are multiplying! I'm hoping that once we get moved that Mom's health will improve some. She's not been doing very well during this whole process. Mom has been under so much stress right now that it's not been doing her illness any good. Please keep her in your prayers during this week and the move. This will probably be my last update before the move. I'll let everyone know when we're in our new house.

Take care everyone!


Tabby said...

Hi Marilyn
It is so nice to hear that you have wonderful people to help you move. I sure hope your mom feels better once all this stressful moving is done. I look forward to the updates when you are all moved in.
Take Care!

ELLIE said...

you are so blessed to have so many people helping you all move - now a days that seems to be very rare...so glad you are finally moved - I hope you find much happiness in your new home~!~
take care--hugs to mom and angel