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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where did the day go too??????????????

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Boy today went by so fast. We did lots of errands but I couldn't make myself get started till after 10am. The weather is so nice here that we actually opened all the windows.

I didn't get any of the new letters up on the site today. After we ran the errands and ate lunch. We decided to put the Mobile home with a new realtor. So he was here all evening talking to us. Then when I called the other realtor telling them we were going with someone else, she just hung the phone up on me. How rude!!!!!!! So we will see how it does. Things are just not selling right now. Wish us luck!!!!!

Mom is having some problems getting around today. Her legs just didn't want to let her walk at Walmart today. But she won't use one of those motorized carts. So I guess I can't force her to use one. Oh well.....!

Well, that's all for today. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far.

Take care!

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ELLIE said...

I have to use a motorized cart otherwise there is no walking anywhere for me - hopefully your mom will warm up to the idea.
sounds like you have just been so very busy - I hope the new real estate agent comes through for you.. I will keep my fingers crossed!
Now - I read your comment on my blog - I am so glad you are hooked but you do not have to blog every day if you do not want to - in november there is a world wide idea and joining of forces to blog every day in november...it is called NABLOPOMO...so if you are up to the challenge you may want to give it a try - i can send you the link about it if you want!
just blogging on a regular basis after the nov challenge is a good way to stay in the habit (am I making any sense?)
well take care - talk to you soon!